Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craziest weekend..ever

The people who are on my FB list know all of this but I wanted to share it with everyone

Saturday-DH and I went to a wedding and reception it was a day time deal..we drank at the reception, a few mimosas and champagne and came home. Later in the day we decided to go see Inception and go to dinner. DH was saying his stomach felt weird but he still wanted to go out. So we ended up going to to TGI Fridays..he picked over his food *which was lackluster at best* and he just looked a little sick. I told him we could go home so he could lay down but he said he didn't feel TOO bad. We went to go see Inception *AWESOME movie* and came home. Got in the bed, went to sleep.

Sunday- 4:30 am DH woke me up and he was in a lot of pain in his stomach, we thought it was a stomach virus, gas, or food poisoning. DH thought it was constipation so he took a laxative before he woke me up..It didn't help. I made him some tea *something his mom did when he was constipated when he was little that helped him*, I warmed a heating pad and put it on his belly and then his lower back and rubbed his stomach. Eventually he fell asleep

Suunday-9am DH wakes me up and tells me he threw up when he went outside to walk the dog. I'm more concerned now. I call my mom who is an RN and asked does she think we need to go in. She asked did he have a temp, chills, how many times he threw up etc.. She told me to monitor him, give him clear liquids and a really light diet all day and see how he does. DH was NOT having it about going to the ER.

1:00pm He had thrown up 5-6 times and was in extreme pain. He was trying to hide it by staying in our bedroom while I was baking some things in the kitchen. I come in and see he is in a cold sweat, he looks weak and shaky. I was scared out of my mind, he is rarely sick and I've never had to deal with this type of situation without my mom being there :lol I went into freak out mode and helped him get dressed, dressed myself and drove like a crazy person to the ER :lol

We get into the ER and he can barely walk or talk he's in that much pain. He couldn't even keep a grip on my hand...We still were thinking maybe BAD food poisoning. Come to find out...he had appendicitis. :straightface The nurse KNEW it as soon as she talked to me and felt his stomach. However, she had to wait for a surgeon resident and the surgeon to come down and agree with her...They did a CT Scan and decided he needed to be rushed into surgery.
They told me it was a 1 hr procedure, it took 2 hours. I was going crazy in the waiting room. FINALLY the surgeon comes out and says it was really infected, if we would've waited a few hours later he thinks it would've burst etc.. The other surgeon comes in and tells me the same and said DH would be hospitalized for 2-3 days so he could be on antibiotics b/c the infection was so bad.

He got discharged this after noon and he's currently laying on the couch sleep doped up on meds.. I am so grateful that he is ok. So happy that we decided to go to the emergency room. The doctors were all so serious about how bad it would've been if we would have waited another day. Its scary to think that he might be dead or in serious medical trouble right now. One minute we were having fun and the next he was in surgery. I'm not trying to sound dramatic but this whole ordeal really made me feel like an adult. Lol I'm 23, married, experienced some things, we live on our own, but none of that prepped me for how SCARED and helpless I was feeling waiting for him to come out of surgery..

End of my dramatic story..thanks to everyone who posted on my FB and messaged me and called! We appreciate it and Love yall!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I graduated from college on May 8th 2010! It was crazy! But I am done for now.

I'll be blogging more often. =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One more try

I'm listening to John Legend, nodding my head and doing homework. "I don't care what the people say, they're probably lonely anyway" <---- Lyrics from Everybody Knows - John Legend.

This year I made it a point to resolve issues and drama I've had with people in the past. I've made it a point to drop the petty bullshit that I entertained before 2010. I'm actually back in communication with a lot of people that I've argued with or was angry with for some forgotten reason. I have apologized to some people I have wronged, some have accepted my apologies and we are back on speaking terms and some haven't. Regardless, I feel so much better about myself, about my life because of those small steps I made. I may never become rich, I may never be more than I am RIGHT now but I have accomplished a lot with relationships(friends,family) that a lot of people will never have the chance to do.

In the end, it won't matter what career you had, how much money you spent, or what you looked like. On your dying bed you will want loved ones, friends, family... I think I have plenty of them =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nights like this

You realize that you can't always be positive. Tonight,I'm sad and mildly depressed. I miss my husband. I miss everything about him. I talked to him tonight and as he rambled on I just kept drifting off because frankly I am tired of talking on the phone, emailing and writing in a journal..I want his hugs, his touch. I want to be near him. It doesn't hurt me to admit it. So I'm admitting it.

A lot of things have been going on lately in my life. My sister and I want to open a restaurant but of course the Navy situation is really hindering what we can do. I don't want to be away from Chris more than I already am but I also don't want to put my career on hold. I have never been THIS hindered ever. I went to college the summer after I graduated high school. I worked almost 12 hours a day Monday through Saturday as a nanny to pay for college my freshman and sophomore year. During those days I was tired but I felt SO self sufficient and in control of my life. Now, Im basically done with college but I have lost my focus, my grind, my hustle. I'm just exhausted....And I needed to write that down.......... I've been reading some Anais Nin quotes for encouragement...I will end this blog with a few of my favorites

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it.
Anais Nin

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin

How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.
Anais Nin

I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.
Anais Nin

Monday, February 8, 2010


I don't know why I used that title.. Today, I went to the gym..this time I met with a trainer and he kicked my whole ass. It was tiring, frustrating, funny, and kind of liberating. Although, I felt like all the workouts I have been doing prior to this were inadequate.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about marriage. Mainly, marriage in the military. My husband and I met (AGAIN lol)in 2007. We started dating in May of 07 and he proposed in Feb. 08 and we got married August 8,2008. Then a few months after we were married he decided to join the Navy. I was DEAD SET against it. My dad was a marine, we moved a lot. I went to a different school every year until I was in middle school. I hated it. I didn't want to be dragged any and everywhere, be away from my family, my friends, my college, and my ties. I was "comfortable". Somehow, Chris talked me into it. He aced the ASVAB, lost weight, worked his ass off, got the rate and bonus he wanted and then it was time for him to leave for bootcamp.

He got done with bootcamp. I remember the feeling I had when they marched in for graduation. I almost cried thinking about how much work he did to get to this point. I thought about how many letters we wrote, the boot camp drama he went through, the distance, the strain on a brand new marriage and how we persevered. I thought about how many people didn't make it through bootcamp. I was just so proud.

Then, he went to A school. It was in Pensacola,FL. After 3 weeks, we couldn't take it anymore and I moved down there.. 5 minutes from base. We saw each other every weekday except duty day. We spent 4 hours together everyday and then I had to drop him off on base. I would help him study for class he would force me to write papers lol.

He graduated A school and became an air traffic controller. Now, we are in VA Beach and he's deployed. This is typical for a military marriage. Distance, deployments, short spurts of time together, emails, letter writing etc... It is hard for the person left at "home". I don't sit at home weeping every day. I'm working hard towards my own educational and career goals. But, it is hard being so far from who you love and all you know. Its not all bad, you go new places, experience fun and exciting things other people may never experience..you meet GREAT friends who are in your same shoes.....

As far as my marriage goes...
People who have never been married or in a long term committed relationship don't understand the connection you have with someone you love enough to pledge your life too. It sounds overrated but he is seriously my other half. He completes my sentences, I laugh at his corny jokes b/c to me they are actually funny..sometimes I catch him staring at me and we both smile...I just can't put it into words without sounding like a Hallmark card. I never thought I'd be married at 22. I have had alot of bad feelings towards relationships and marriages. I've never been the type of woman to trust a man fully..I have had bad examples of marriage...I never knew it could be like this...thousands of miles away, communication at a minimum and you know that your spouse is thinking about you, wanting you there, missing you.

Yes, the military has a high divorce rate. However, it doesn't mean my marriage is doomed for failure. It won't stop me from loving husband and what we have. And if one day this does end..I will never regret all the love, laughter, and joy we experience together. Never. So yes, I'm married to a military man and I love him..to pieces. Judge me all you want at the end of the day it amounts to nothing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

And its raining.....

I woke up this morning to a loud whistle. lol..My patio door is acting wonky. The wind is blowing extremely hard and its pouring but I went outside to walk the dog. She ran on the side of the sidewalk splashing in puddles. I couldn't help but laugh. I love my pup. She is the sweetest being in my life. I needed to give Dora her props today. She brightens every moment. She's always my best friend and cuddles up next to me when I'm sad. Animals are so gentle and loving and deserve the same type of undying love.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This day

Today has been trying, hectic and tiring. The Haiti disaster is affecting my life in more than one way right now. For reasons I am not at liberty to say. I'm just sad right now. I just felt like typing a few words.